In 1929 J. Feliu de la Penya was founded, a family business engaged in the manufacture and marketing of decorative lighting equipment.


In 1961, the invention of the first electric track for electrical appliances, christened with the name of Troll, revolutionised the lighting market.The Troll track receives a Delta (1962), a prestigious award for innovative and creative merit. This great discovery gives rise to the TROLL brand, as a new concept of interior lighting technology. The success of the invention of the electric track was a major boost to the growth of the company.


The 80's were the growth period of Troll, which in a few years became leader in Spain. In the 90’s, the company expanded and became internationally consolidated, with the opening of branches, manufacturing centres and various acquisitions. The firm also has distributors all over the world.


TROLL’s trajectory is endorsed by several design awards. From the Silver Delta in 1962 to the prestigious awards of the international IF contest obtained in 1991 and 1997 and the Design Plus awards in 2006 and 2008.


As a result of successful innovations, solid lighting know-how and consolidated international prestige, Troll has entered a phase of expansion which now makes it a leading brand in the field of technical lighting, with over 75 years of history.


Troll has been capable of evolving over time. The aim is to continue innovating in order to be at the forefront of design and offer solutions to meet new needs. Troll is a brand that is committed to the future, proactive towards new trends and with the desire to continue innovating throughout its future history.